Every University, School, and College is different in the I.T. systems it has. Some are multi million pound custom systems, others just include a suite with a few desktop computers. When you add in Tablets, Interactive Whiteboards, WIFI, Netbooks, and countless other devices, there is almost always potential for some really inspirational use of technology in the classroom. The problem is that some teachers feel they don't have time, or that the kit is outdated, or they don't feel confident in using some devices. Also many systems don't work nicely together and after a few glitches and failed attempts to use a device or system, too often they are put on a shelf rarely to be used again. That is such a shame as even simple devices and systems have the power to transform a classroom into a vibrant and interactive work space and can boost performance and engagement dramatically.


The ANALYSIS service involves a thorough inventory, walk around of the classrooms and review of systems, making a complete picture of all options available to you.


This allows for a PRESENT SCENARIO BRIEFING in which a list of suggestions, tips, and pathways are outlined so that you can make the best use of your present systems without spending money on new kit.


IN addition, a FUTURE SCENARIO BRIEFING will suggest carefully chosen systems upgrades or new devices which will enhance your I.T. capabilities if you fancy.

(We don't sell any devices or systems)